Go Clean Pakistan

Team members Induction ceremony

We are looking for individuals with:

1-Personal drive to achieve and the desire to improve or meet certain standards.
2-Commitment to personal or organizational goals.
3- Initiative, a readiness to act on opportunities.
4- Optimism.

Social Workers: Empathetic, self-driven.

Tech and Product Developers: Able to create digital content.

Marketing, Communications, and PR Specialists:
People who can spread awareness.

Finance and Fundraising Experts: Individuals who can manage startup finances, and seek grants, donations, or investment opportunities.

Research and Policy Analysts: Individuals who can stay informed about the latest research and policy developments in the welfare sector and advocate for necessary changes.

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5 thoughts on “Team members Induction ceremony”

  1. Go Clean is doing amazing work by transforming waste to bio-gas. This project is contributing to SDGs no. 1, 7, 11, 13 and 15. Such innovators can truly transform the landscape of their community and even their country. More power to Go Green, Godspeed!

  2. Absolutely amazed by the work in progress,to transform the slums into fruitful outcomes. We badly need more of such practical projects in our community.
    Splendid job!

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